Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Here are some fabric samples I created yesterday in the print room, using watered down reactive dyes with soda ash (as it makes the ink stick!) and foil layered over for a texture reminiscent of gold leaf, which I think clashes well with the fresh and vibrant colours. The pink is my favourite; I chose to dye organza, which turned out really vibrant and I like the cracks of sheer luminosity throung the metallic gold. I think these would be good fabrics to patchwork with.

The dyed blue fabric I also tried to marble using batik wax and coverig the newly dyed blue fabric, then cracking the wax and painting black reactive dye over the fabric. This didn't turn out as dense as I expected, but I like the shade it has turned out. By accident with the pink sample, I screened the glue over the organza which was over newspaper, losing all common sense and forgetting I was also sticking the newspaper to the reverse of the fabric. This was near impossible to get off, but I think I could achieve some interesting effects using collaged photography behind a sheer, dyed fabric using foil glue. I achieved the crackled effect on both samples by scrunching up the foil sheets before I ironed them on, removing some of the metallic pigment.

Here is also a sample of some dip-dyeing I tried inspired by shibori, where I folded the fabric and grasped it between a clamp, and dipped one side of the fabric into a black dye mixtue I had created using reactive dyes. I also made sure my fabric was wet before I dyed the darker parts, so the ink traveled further and softer. I really like the efffects of this, and think it would be worth experimenting with in my more developed samples.

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