Monday, 26 March 2012


Today I learnt that waterproof plastic which you use to make up rain macs is infact made from water-based PVA glue, only dried and flattened! Based on this, I have started a couple of glue experiments by throwing in some vibrant inks and brass bits and pieces, which has gave exciting textured results.

The black Indian ink in the top sample prevents the colours for being too bright, and I have also rubbed green metallic foil over the sample after it had comletely dried, as the tackiness will hold onto the foil. I really like the rich turquoise peacock colours with gold, and I also plan to add coral to my colour pallet. The gold and coral sample didn't work so well, as I think it is too 'golden yellow' for my pallet, so would have probably also benefitted from some black Indian ink too. I think the blue sample could be developed further and would work well appliqued or cut into shapes and melted onto fabrics.

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