Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Today as part of Final Major Project, I took part in workshops involving bonding fabrics through heat and pressure, and I also tried a spot of marbling using procien dyes, as I thought it would create interesting experimental textures which would make great backgrounds.

Here I have cut an acetate photocopy of a film still from 'Cleopatra' which I watched, and I have placed the roughly cut shapes in the style of mosaic, which I think reflects the theme well. Also the contrast of weight and texture between the thick twill and glossy acetate work well together. To retain the luminosity of the colours and still keep a rick background, I bonded onto cream then applied dyes after, which the acetate resisted. The futuristic feel of the sample was quite unexpected, but strangely links perfectly with a current exhibition at the 'Tullie House Museum' which presents Egyptian myths including whether or not pyramids were built by aliens! I think this technique of fusing fabrics together is very relevant for my project intentions, as I believe it will help develop exciting and contemporary textile accessories, and it is similar to the recent collection from 'Simone Rocha', who uses silks and lace trapped in clear PVC.

Here are some samples of some marbling I tried on both fabric and cartridge paper.

I really like the effect as it looks slightly distressed yet visually striking, and it is this type of rough texture I wanted to screen print foils onto. The 'foilco' website (http://www.foilco.co.uk/) will send free samples on request, so I have asked for gold, black, clear and also any peacock-looking coloured metallic foil to be sent, which I will be using over these backgrounds. I originally wanted to achive a streaky tie-dye effect similar to the Vivienne Westwood bag shown below, so hopefully experimentation in next weeks workshop will help me to achieve this.

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