Thursday, 19 April 2012


Here are some more samples I have scanned in! I have spent the past two days laboriously stitching and beading into my samples, trying to use a combination of techniques and placement to keep them interesting.

For some reason, my simple scarab motif is really fun to embroid and embellish, possibly because it is a block shape which gives more opportunity to play around with different textures, creating marks using stitch. I simply started stitching with a chosen thread on a part of the image, then used it as a starting point to make the colour-balance and weight more or less symmetrical. Whichever of these samples I decide to take forward as part of a final piece will be a focus point, as they took on average including printing about 3 hours each.

The embellishment on the last sample image was strongly inspired by the Alexander McQueen shoes shown above, as they are totally and utterly gorgeous! I think the detail looks so eye-catching and treasure-like, and I wanted to try and capture some of the quality into my own work, although maybe I will challenge myself and try and embellish the whole thing...I will have to wait and see!

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