Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Here are some more fabric samples I created in the print room on Monday. I decided to play around with twisting, folding, dipping and dabbing with dyes to see if anything worked particularly well, and I particularly like the effect of twisting the fabric into a thin roll and dabbing along the length with a paint brush, as shown in the top two samples. The third sample was selectively dipped and twisted whilst already saturated with turquoise dye, and the fourth was shibri, which ran whilst drying for a delicate effect. I particularly love the effect of the last sample, which unforfunately you cannot see the full effect of in picture form - I have layered twisted dyed sheer silk and layered it over gold-foiled fabric, which has a very 3-D luminous effect, depending on the angle towards the light. This last sample I plan to use in one of my final pieces, which will be a collar lined with eyelets with decorative chains hanging from one side to the other.


  1. Oooo, I love all of them especially the last one!

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  2. cute!!!