Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I have recently been introduced to the innovative designer which is Katie Eary. Her first collection in SS10 was a menswear collection based on the internal structure of the human body, and shows a very high fashion approach to menswear by including tights and body jewellery, the body jewellery approach having just filtered to the highstreet and now sold in Topman.

She now designs for both men and women, and her latest collection which is very grungy/gothic Victorian you can see on her website I chose to look at her debut collection as I think it is very relevant to what I am designing in terms of striking accessories for the body, and the possibility of menswear is one I hadn't previously considered. Looking at this collection I can see that even bold and decorative accessories can be altered to suit menswear on an avant-garde level by thickening the chains and using thicker embellishment pieces. I find the unusual use of dipdyed human hair, chunky chains and ropes and also the placement of the body jewellery and the way they are layered very inspiring, and I will strongly consider seeking out some thicker materials for producing menswear accessories as well as women.

I also love the hand jewellery that runs through this collection, and makes me want to laser cut some of my motifs into flat panels to string together and hang over the body almost like mosaic!


  1. These are cute outfits. They all look cool.

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  2. cute!!!