Sunday, 15 April 2012


Here is the first page of my prints with inspiration running alongside them. The scarab prints on the left directly combine the bold Egyptian motifs with the grunge-inspired texture. After experimenting with different blending modes, I found that a simple opacity change on the marble layer was most effective; giving the block-coloured shapes some much needed texture to keep them from looking too flat or basic. The half-drop symbol repeat was partly inspired by the clash of black and turquoise on the leopard-print Urban Outfitters vest, as it is vibrant and eye-catching as well as being quite dark and mysterious. I created both prints by using the ‘define pattern’ option on Photoshop, which saves time and ensures a more professional looking outcome. The texture on the symbol print was taken from some fabric I had marbled, which I then scanned in and ‘colourised’ on Photoshop using the colour adjustment options, which was much better suited for a dramatic effect than the previous pink. The prints on the right I created by layering my bleached fan print (on the next page) over the scarab beetle print, and experimenting to achieve bold, richly detailed prints inspired by the chiaroscuro effect of the Bottega Venetta designs. Although I love the effects of these, I think they clash too much with my colour pallet, particularly the top image, and there is not a strong enough motif in the prints for my liking.

This page looks at sophisticated double mirror image prints as seen at ‘Miu Miu’ and ‘Byblos’. I have cropped some of my larger drawings, my contrasting watercolour, my bleached fan painting and the emulsion transfer of the denim on a ‘Topshop’ advert. I have used the same technique with all of these by rotating and cropping to the interesting parts, then using the horizontal and vertical flip tools, creating a pattern then block repeating to create perfectly symmetrical pattern. I think that the prints on the left look possibly too sophisticated for the look I was going for as they are not young or edgy enough, but I think the small scale crop on the denim transfer has worked well and is an interesting print; this would work well as a standalone print or also as a textured background. I also created an interesting motif using my Horus drawing and taking advantage of the long curved wings and the general scooped shape of the drawing. I used the horizontal and vertical flip and rotation tools to create a tight, seamless motif with a bold, feathery appearance which I feel worked particularly well. I think this alone could make an effective detail, for example a bib or elbow/shoulder detail by just printing and embellishing it as the shape is so strong. I also scaled down the motif and created a textured, linear pattern by also repeating using the vertical flip tool, and I think the outcome is very strong with the form of the print having various weights of detail and width, creating a visually exciting print.

Here is my final drawing page as well as my first illustration page; the idea of the cuffs is one I came up with quite quickly once I had a few embellished samples! I think this page of prints has quite a fresh and youthful feel, as it was heavily inspired by the cult-like imagery currently in Topshop and Urban Outfitters, with the repeat symbols (as seen on the 'Topshop Unique' dress) and sharp imagery. I chose to look at the 'Gareth Pugh' for Topshop t-shirt as the triangular shapes are exactly the style of shape I want to emulate. Obviously mine is slightly different as it has more detail and isn't as layered and kaleidoscopic, but I have repeated and rotated the triangles back to back to give an edgy jagged effect. I layered this with my watercolour mark-making, and used blending modes to achieve the luminous effect, with the vivid pink offsetting the roughness perfectly and providing a good balance, similar to the contrast of the 'Iceberg' trousers shown.
The image on the right is the first accessories plan I have done, after being inspired early by the embellished samples I had created, edgy cuffs which I have seen on the high street and also the dipdyed hair at Katie Eary. Strangely but typically, my most basic and simplest of motifs which was the first thing I drew has been my most successful, I think as there is more scope to develop it as it is so simplified. I have scanned in the sample where I have decided the embellishment for my cuffs, but also a sample of screen print with multi-coloured gold foil, which I plan to use rather than expandex and glitter as I feel it looks far more professional! I really have my heart set on the idea of attatching the hair I dyed to the edges of the cuffs, as they will have a lot of movement and will be a strong statement, as they will not lie flat over the fabric all of of the time. I am also considering placing flat Swarovski crystals at the roots, but I will see what the cuffs look like first :)

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