Saturday, 19 May 2012


So here are my final pieces! Two down and one getting there :) I am so pleased with the outcomes of my cuffs and collar, my only regret with them is that I wish the hair had dyed better and looked thicker but everything else has more or less gone to plan! I made the mistake of creating the cuffs in a straight rectangular shape rather than an actual wrist shape, so you can only really wear them comfortably just past your wrists as you would a jumper, but I actually prefer it this way as the slouchy effect works really well with my theme and even looks slightly tribal with the human hair. As I ran out of coral embroidery thread, which I was using as running stitch to outline the scarab motif, I had time to consider whether it looked better with or without, as I could directly compare them. I felt as though the outline actually cheapened the look as the other cuff looked much more sophisticated, so I chose to unpick all of the thread I had stitched which I think was the right decision. I think that the foiled and transferred hieroglyphics on the back of the cuffs compliments the main detail well, as it is more paired down but still has elements of gold foil and bold detail. I decided to dramatically reduce the scale of my scarab print for the silk lining of the cuffs, as I felt it would look more effective and appropriate, as the larger scale was just not working for accessories; perhaps it would have been better for fashion garments? I wanted the print to be subtle in comparison to the exterior of the cuff, and I carefully chose gold press studs as fastenings which work perfectly with the metallics in the cuff.

I also completed my collar, which has turned out perfectly apart from the tight fitting due to the short length of the top chain. For selling, I will overcome this problem by taking out the stitches of this chain and adding small gold jewellery claps to make the chain detatchable, making it easy to get on and off. I carefully designed the shape of the collar so it still had a pointed edge but was a shape that both reflected the typical rounded collars of the Egyptians whilst preventing it looking too 'costume', and also so that the chains would fall properly and not gather too much at the top as would happen with a regular shaped collar. The fabric stands out as much as I hoped, and I think that the Swarovski crystals add something extra to an otherwise quite regular chain pattern. I think that as a final piece, it also sits well with my cuffs as part of a collection, so it has been a success!

The mens bib I've still not completed, as I still need to attach the top pieces and chunky clasp, and I also need to finish embellishing and manipulating the hexagons. Unfortunately, the leather hasn't slightly melted like my sample as I purposefully cut into it more shallow, so  I could select which hexagons to pop out and how far to cut around them. This has resulted in a flat appearance when i cut into the shapes, but luckily after carefully testing with a lighter, I found that burnishing the edges makes them contract and curl slightly, giving the desired texture so I will work a lighter over the leather once it is cut before embellishing pieces. I will also be adding heavier embellishment as seen in my larger leather smaples, where I have embellished heat-transferred turquoise denim with gold beads for more depth and variation in the final piece. I will finish the leather bib tomorrow ready for my hand-in on Monday and the other bib collar and the body harness I will complete for my show on 11th June!


  1. Amazing mel! this project has deffinetly been one of your best! xxx

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