Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Here were a few ideas I had for labelling my collection. After brainstorming a few names based mainly around Cleopatra and Kurt Cobain (with some of which sounding slightly strange when considering songs 'walk like and Egyptian' and 'Smells like teen spirit' with their opposites...I'm sure you can imagine!), I decided that the simpler the better, and 'Cleo and Kurt' sounded catchy and fashionable, so I decided to stick with it.

These are some of the rough sketches I have drew trying to figure out what sort of text and motif to go for, some better than others. After feeling tied between the bold eyelash/wing image with naive writing and the slightly more sophistcated loopy scarab beetle motif, I have decided to go with the bolder more youthful tag, as I feel it sits better with the style of my project, as it is young, bold and contemporary yet still with a sophisticated, up-market feel.

I neatened up the original sketch using Photoshop, and used 'Tempus Sans ICT' to replace my original writing for a more professional finish. I plan to print these onto acetate and have them hanging loosely over a recangle of gold glitter card of the same size, so you get the same multitextured effect which runs through my collection. I have chosen a subtle grey background, as it will subdue the glitter and keep it from looking too sugary, and I love the effect of transclucent effects of acetate, particularly when layered. I will also add a gemstone in the top-center of the motif, as I think it will be a nice finishing touch with the varied textures. I will look at a different background for the tag for the mens bib necklace I have produced, as glitter card would look far too feminine. For using the logo for labels, I will probably use heat-transfer paper and transfer them onto my silk 'denim' print, as I feel this would work well and match the tags.

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