Friday, 11 May 2012


Here I have scanned in my lasercut leather sample which I have worked into. It was my favourite of the two samples due to the seeminlgy organised (but actually unorganised!) deconstructive feel of the piece. Keeping with my Egyptian theme which heavily features gold and gold details, I decided to test gold fabric spray paint on the leather, keeping the application quite rough and picking up the texture of the rough leather for a more urban feel.

I am very happy with the way this has turned out, as it still looks sophisticated but stands out more than the sample previously. I decided to enhance the sample with subtle beading, taking advantage of the nature of leather and stitching from the sides of the cuts rather than from the front and back, which gave a more seamless effect. As this sample is intended for a mens accessory, I decided to keep the beading to a minimal and use metallic bold beads which can look quite tough as opposed to glass beads or crystals. I think that the texture and thickness of the leather is important when it comes to menswear, as I think accessories with embellishment could too easily come across as feminine, so I am making a concious effort to make a more manly sample! I hope the effect is quite 'All Saints' or 'Diesel', a rough around the edges look which is still desirable, I would be very happy if my final outcome for this fits this mould :)

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