Saturday, 19 May 2012


Following on from my plan for cuffs I am producing, here is a page where I have looked at both women's and men's accessories in the form of body chains. Seeing all of the men's accessories produced by Katie Eary has inspired me to look at men's accessories as well as women, showing that they can be just as decorative and fun as women's, with even Topman selling body chains. I think as long as the materials are less feminine, for example my plan shows thick leather with chunky chains, you can design with versatility. I used my laser-cut acetate sequins on the girls body chain to embellish my 'Horus' repeat print, as I felt they went well with the linear shape and also the internal shapes for a flat, selectively glossy appearance. I also used black seed beads and appliqued metallic bronze leather to achieve a multi-textured and eye catching effect. I love the idea of having that part of the print as the detail in the centre of the body piece, as I feel it is more original and interesting due to the shape, and it would be a good contrast with the delicate draped chains. For the collar I would use rows of black and blue tubular beads in stripes for a simple but effective appearance. Although I am pleased with these plans, I don't think I will produce either for my final pieces, as I feel they are quite predictable at the moment and I feel my other pieces would look better and also probably easier to construct.

Here are a couple of bib necklaces I have designed, and are also explained on a recent post. On this page here, you can see where I got my inspiration from when it comes to the shape and detail. After trying to create a masculine bib necklace with great difficulty, I came across a designer named 'James Long' whilst researching, and his work shows great details whilst retaining their masculinity. I looked at the way he had draped a large scarf on his model as my main inspiration for the shape of my bib, and created a similar shape on my plan, with draped layers of leather. I will be using laser-cut leather in the same style as my sprayed and embellished sample, as I feel it is the most successful and interesting due to the way the shapes are half falling out and the roughly sprayed effect has an expensively deconstructed feel to it. The shape of my other bib necklace came naturally from the shape of my embellished sample which I want to use, which is a long winglike shape. I then added extra detail inspired by the current A/W trend for patchwork, by alternating fabrics around the larger embellished sample at the the top. Also, the famously thrown together style of Isabel Marant inspired me to add some black lace around the edges, as I felt it needed extra detail and I think the lace would work well as a contrasting texture to all of the foil and embellishment.

Here are my last two plans for final pieces. The plan on the left combines the trends of body jewellery and collars in one, complete with Swarovski crystals stitched on the chain to make it stand out more and continue the embellished theme. The fabric I plan to use on the collar, which was roughly dyed using a pipette then foiled, was inspired by the streaky dyed fabric at 'Versus' Fall 13 and 'Topshop Unique' S/S12 for the foiled hieroglyphics. I think as this piece has little fabric, I wanted to use something quite bold so most of the focus is on the design, so I chose this fabric as it is very effective and eye catching. The design on the right was inspired by the number of triangular shapes coming into season, and I feel as though a contemporary way of translating this is through a panelled body harness. I have made it as fashion-foreward as I can without any tackiness which could easily happen when designing a body harness, and I have worked with the triangular shape, extending the idea to a spike-edged overlapping collar, and the panel leading to a brass curtain hoop attached to a thin leather belt. I think this would be very effective and on trend as a final piece, as it combines the patchwork, collar, body harness, triangular and metallic trends all in one. The fabrics will be a mix of printed cotton and silk with my denim and symbol motif prints, with my twist-dyed pink and black fabric and added embellishment.

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