Friday, 11 May 2012


Here are some very basic illustrations of what I plan to create for my degree show. The models were traced from magazines, and they are not really illustrations, more a plan or design of how my accessory ideas would look on the body.

The male illustration is made of several rough strips of lasercut leather created the same as my newest sample shown on my latest post. Rather than a scarf, I will be attatching a chunky hook and eye at the back so it will be a statement necklace, very similar to what is currently in style for womens fashion but only for men.

The bib necklace will be a highly embellished piece using a mix of Swarovski crystals and Gutterman roccails, and will include my Alexander McQueen inspired embellished sample and patchworked foiled fabrics for a dramatic effect. I will be using finely textured and matte grosgrain rather than satin ribbon as the tie, as I feel it looks much more expensive and sophisticated.

The chained collar I love and I think will look really effective once it is constructed, as I will be sewing a variety of coloured Swarovski crystals onto an antique gold chain, and will be using dyed fabric with foiled heirogliphics as the collar fabric. The chains will be looped through the eyelets and stitched just above so they fall through for a slick effect. I am considering making a few of these to sell at my degree show if I am left with any time inbetween, as I think (and hope) they will be quicker to construct than the others!

The last illustration on the page was inspired by the wealth of designers creating something of a body harness which doesn't appear bongdage in any way. I was fascinated by the idea of creating something which incorporates a belt and a collar, and I think they would make a dramatic effect on any outfit. I noticed that there were a lot of large vertical traingular details on the Fall catwalks, and it works strongly with my sketchbook images of decorative mummy caskets I had taken. I combined all of these elements to come up with a sophisticated design which I think works well. The panel will be composed of a patchwork of what are my strongest fabric samples which work harmoniously together, and will include dyed fabric, foils and possibly digital print.