Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Here are some quick pictures I took at my show. Took me ages to put up (I was still attatching tags as the show started at 6) but I got there in the end after lots of panic! Luckily the show was a success and everybody had a great night :)

Friday, 8 June 2012


These are the photos I also took of my bib collar. Unfortanately as I took them myself (and I'm not the best person with a camera!), some of the images I wanted to use such as the top image are inappropriate as the detail on the bib collar is blurred. This has made me realise more than anything the importance of pre-planning as well as time management, as if I had earlier arrangements I could have got a photography student to use some spotlights to make the Swarovski elements dazzle and get the focus right to have stronger images for my show. However, I am still happy with the way the photos have came out apart from the focus issue, and I think it looks great as a statement piece, and would also look nice over a halter top as heavy detail :) also with this final piece I have done very well with my aim of using recycled fabric, as only the digital print of grey denim on the patchwork is the only fabric which is not from unwanted clothes or spare fabric scraps!


Here are some photographs of my mens bib accessory being modelled. Unfortunately due to timing, I couldn't get proffesional help for these photographs so I took and edited them myself using Photoshop, but I still think the photographs are ok, just not as professional as I would have liked. As this is the first time I have challenged myself with menswear, At first I felt slightly apprehensive about creating a heavily detailled necklace in fear of not being able to make the transition and it ending up too feminine with all of the embellishment. Seeing it modelled and photographed has been great as it shows how the accessory looks on a man, and it is clearly a menswear accessory, and I think this has been achieved by using appropriate thick rugged leather and metallic embellishment rather than glass beads or crystals.


Here are some recent photographs I took of the collar and cuffs of my final collection. The accessories were modelled and the photos edited by second year photography student Rebecca Young. I am very happy with the way they have turned out and I think they show off my accessories well; I particularly like that you can see the movement of the extensions on the cuffs as they are very playful and dramatic, and I love the versatility of them. I also think that the Swarovski crystals stand out well from the dark top modelled, showing their subtle, glittering detail.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


For my degree show, I needed to produce a moodboard which summed up my inspiration for this project, using a range of visuals from different sources. This board shows everything from my initial inspiration which was to combine decorative elements and motifs associated with Ancient Egypt and the youthful grittiness of the 90's Grunge movement. It shows where I found inspiration for my techniques and processes and also for the final products. Unfortunately despite the board being A1 sized, I still couldn't fit everything I wanted onto it, but I am hoping my sketchbook will make up for that! I plan to have this hung in the centre of my space above a mannequin which will showcase a final product, with the rest hung at either side.