Friday, 8 June 2012


These are the photos I also took of my bib collar. Unfortanately as I took them myself (and I'm not the best person with a camera!), some of the images I wanted to use such as the top image are inappropriate as the detail on the bib collar is blurred. This has made me realise more than anything the importance of pre-planning as well as time management, as if I had earlier arrangements I could have got a photography student to use some spotlights to make the Swarovski elements dazzle and get the focus right to have stronger images for my show. However, I am still happy with the way the photos have came out apart from the focus issue, and I think it looks great as a statement piece, and would also look nice over a halter top as heavy detail :) also with this final piece I have done very well with my aim of using recycled fabric, as only the digital print of grey denim on the patchwork is the only fabric which is not from unwanted clothes or spare fabric scraps!

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