Monday, 31 December 2012

Developing products for 'Make and Mend'

As part of an upcoming even in Newcastle which is the 'Make and Mend Market', I have began making my first product! It is still based on the sketchbook I have started but I have kept the initial structure of the shirt which I am upcycling rather than starting from scratch as it will save time...the market is on 13th of January so I don't have much time to lose!

The idea is that the shirt will be upcycled into an interchangeable accessory, where it can be worn over most garments as a transformative piece rather than as a highlight like most accessories. In doing so, the product will be relatively cheaper than a garment which is similar, but will also be able to get far more wear out of it, as the wearer can choose the type of neckline depending on the top or dress they wear; they could wear a basic scoop neck to create cut-out detailling or something with a higher neck to make the accessory appear to be completely attached to the garment.

The top still needs to be shaped and hemmed, and also needs an orange fabric insert on the right hand panel at the front. This gives a subtle tint of colour beneath the sheer cream shirt, though unfortunately is not visible on the image above. The collar tips are left over perspex from a past project which I kept, and I think that the feather-like shape of them and the colour works well with my theme. The coral bead detail on the front panel rather than the collar or shoulder panels is a refreshing alternative to what is currently all over the high-street, and I think works well with the alignment of the collar tips. Hopefully I will manage to complete this accessory in the next few days, and I will begin making some collars and peplum belts very shortly!

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