Saturday, 5 January 2013

Up-cycled bird detail collars

Following my attempts to stitch a lining into my product on my previous post, and realizing how difficult it is to do a neat job of it when you have no experience of stitching a lining into an already made-up shirt, I have decided to concentrate on making some collars for 'Make and Mend' until I can get some professional advice.

Here are two which I have already almost finished...they only need the fastenings and bottom seams stitching then they are done! The first collar was inspired by some of the graphic detail of a birds head which I had drawn in my sketchbook, and as it only consisted of two basic shapes, I decided it would be simple enough to translate into applique. I have used a vintage 60's skirt (base), left over fabric from a past project (green) and an old pussybow blouse (turquoise) as fabrics to use in this collar. The button was also one of the many my Mam has been hoarding for the past 20 years in her sewing kit, and I think it works well the fabrics I have chosen yet is subtle enough to not detract from the detailling! The silver metallic blanket stitch is both functonal and decorative, as it keeps the adhered fabrics in place as well as defining and highlighting the detail, making it three dimensional and nicely finished. I also plan to use this pattern using other materials for another collar, using another vintage skirt in a pale beige/teal shade with silver lame and coral embroidery.

The other collar was made from a second-hand chiffon duck-egg dress and a nautical shirt, with some left over perspex from a past project which was based on the bird garden at 'Harewood House' near Leeds. The perspex shapes were the inverted pieces of a rotated wing motif, and I found their shape quite complementary to the edges of the collar. I also found the colour and texture combination quite unusual but satisfying with the glossy oxblood shade against silver embroidery, nautical stripes and duck-egg chiffon. I still have a while to go yet until I am happy with the volume of products I have to sell on my stall, but I am pleased with what I have made so far!

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