Sunday, 17 March 2013

Recent accessories

Following the previous Make and Mend market and having got feedback on my products, I found that although the collars were very popular, the idea of the sleeve accessories seemed popular. Because of this and the wide availability of collars, I have focused on making accessories which are perhaps more unusual. Here are images showing the process of me using fabric from a vintage dress and floral scrap fabric from Sew Over It to create another sleeve accessory, this time in a size medium.

Other products I made were two peplum belts and a body harness. The body harness I wanted to make so it was easier to wear than the traditional bondage-influenced styles found on the high-street, involving leather or chains. I have up-cycled some upholstery fabric, the vintage lemon dress and a delicate pink pillowcase for a feminine and springlike appearance.

For the peplum belts, I up-cycled some already existing waistbands from a pair of denim shorts and a vintage skirt. I have also used the lemon vintage dress and upholstery fabric in the accessories. Learning from my mistakes on my last attempt, I have lined the outer fabric and also used a thick fabric on both sides of the peplum piece, which gives a higher quality and a stronger shape. With the denim shorts I up-cycled, I unpicked the back pockets and inserted them into the accessory as hidden pockets, which makes them functional as well as fashionable.

And here is my stall at the Make and Mend market today!

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  1. Hello Melanie!

    Your collars are gorgeous, just what I need to jazz up my office wear.

    Would you be interested in having a stall at Clothes Under the Hammer, a charity fashion show and auction?

    Take a look at our website: and let me know what you think.

    We'd love to have you on board! x